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Calling students for Summer of Code 2014!

The Mono team is happy to announce that we are participating in the Google Summer of Code 2014. This is the tenth year of Summer of Code for us, and we hope it will be the best one yet!

If you're an eligible student, this is an amazing opportunity to spend the summer with a great community working on cutting edge open-source C# tools and frameworks. You can hone your development skills by working on large and complex codebases with experienced mentors, and get paid $5500 for your hard work too.

The student application period starts on March 10, and the deadline is March 21 at 7pm UTC, but don't delay - you can start preparing your proposals right away. Come introduce yourself and get to know the community and mentors. Discuss your ideas and do research to make sure you have a really great proposal. You can even fix bugs and file some patches to demonstrate your skills to us - it's not required, but it definitely helps if we know you know how to contribute and figure things…