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Thanks to the Students and Mentors of 2014!

We'd like to congratulate our successful students in the Summer of Code this year and thank them for their work on making our software better for our community of users and developers!
For more details of their work, check out the projects to which they contributed and the mailing list where they reported their progress.
Color Scheme Editor
Aleksandr Shevchenko
Aleksander developed a new syntax highlighting color scheme editor for MonoDevelop.
Extending Shape Capabilities Andrew Davis
Andrew worked on a major redesign of the shape tools in Pinta, which are now much more user-friendly and powerful. Among other things, users can now make further edits to shapes after drawing them  (before, they were immediately "flattened" into the image), and shapes can be seamlessly converted from one type to another (for example, by adding additional control points onto a rectangle). Andrew put together a short video demo, and the code will be integrated upstream very soon.
Improve Mono Runtime

Apply Now for Summer of Code 2014

Student applications are now open for the Mono Project in the 2014 Google Summer of Code!
Our Mono Summer of Code 2014 announcement post has a lot of useful information and links to help get involved in our community and put together a good proposal. Remember in your proposal to show us how passionate you are about building great tools and frameworks, and demonstrate that you're able to research and develop things independently but also know when to ask questions. We strongly recommend that you submit your application early. The deadline is April 21 at 19:00 UTC and late applications cannot be accepted for any reason. You can update your application and answer our questions after you submit it, so don't delay. If you have any questions about the Mono Project in Google Summer of Code that are not answered by our GSoC page or in the #monosoc IRC or mono mailing list, please email Good luck!

Calling students for Summer of Code 2014!

The Mono team is happy to announce that we are participating in the Google Summer of Code 2014. This is the tenth year of Summer of Code for us, and we hope it will be the best one yet!

If you're an eligible student, this is an amazing opportunity to spend the summer with a great community working on cutting edge open-source C# tools and frameworks. You can hone your development skills by working on large and complex codebases with experienced mentors, and get paid $5500 for your hard work too.

The student application period starts on March 10, and the deadline is March 21 at 7pm UTC, but don't delay - you can start preparing your proposals right away. Come introduce yourself and get to know the community and mentors. Discuss your ideas and do research to make sure you have a really great proposal. You can even fix bugs and file some patches to demonstrate your skills to us - it's not required, but it definitely helps if we know you know how to contribute and figure things…