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Summer of Code 2013 Success!

The Google Summer of Code is complete, and we'd like to congratulate our 14 successful students and thank them for their work! It's been wonderful to have them active in the Mono community this summer, and a great pleasure to mentor them.

You can read about their progress and results on the mono-soc-2013 Google Group. In addition, many of them have written excellent blog posts describing their work. Their work is summarized below:

Adding features to Pinta

Andrew Davis
Mentored by Cameron White

Andrew worked on implementing some of the most requested features from Pinta users. The Line Tool is now able to draw and manipulate curves, and provides users with a high degree of control over the shape of the curve. Additionally, the curve tool is now able to create arrow heads, and all of Pinta's shape tools can draw dashed lines (including custom dash patterns). All of the selection tools in Pinta now support several modes of combining selections, such as Union, Intersect, and Xor, and progress was made towards implementing printing support.

Implement a replacing write barrier for sgen

Vlad Brezae
Mentored by Mark Probst

Vlad implemented a replacing write barrier for the Mono JIT compiler that will improve the performance of the Mono runtime.

MonoDevelop / Xamarin Studio - CSS Support

Diyoda Sajjana
Mentored by Bojan Rajkovic

Diyoda improved CSS editing support in MonoDevelop and Xamarin Studio. He wrote a blog post describing his work.

A Workflow Foundation 4 Implementation

Gary Barnett
Mentored by Jérémie Laval

Gary implemented version 4 of the Workflow Foundation for the Mono class libraries.

Inspect MonoDevelop - More C# Code Actions and Code Issue Inspections

Ji Kun
Mentored by Michael Hutchinson, Mike Krüger

Ji Kun implemented a number of rules for the source analysis engine in NRefactory, helping developers to write cleaner and more robust code. These rules are already available to users as an experimental feature in Xamarin Studio.

Improve mono-fastcgi, allowing use in massive shared hosting

Leonardo Taglialegne
Mentored by Marek Habersack

Leonardo improved the ability to host apps using the Mono runtime on web servers via the fastcgi interface.

FSharp Refactor

Lewis Brown
Mentored by Robin Neatherway

Lewis implemented several refactorings for the F# language, integrated into the MonoDevelop/Xamarin Studio F# language binding.

Source Analysis Improvements in MonoDevelop

Luís Reis
Mentored by Michael Hutchinson, Mike Krüger

Luís implemented a number of rules for the source analysis engine in NRefactory, including a rule to detect certain null dereferences. These rules are already available to users as an experimental feature in Xamarin Studio.

On the Fly Formatting and Indentation Engine

Matej Miklečić
Mentored by Mike Krüger

Matej implemented a new smart code indenter for NRefactory that respects users' code formatting settings. This new indenter is already used in Xamarin Studio preview releases.

cocos3d for XNA

Rami Tabbara
Mentored by Miguel de Icaza

Rami ported the Cocos3D 3D graphics library to the C# language and the XNA API, enabling it to be used on many platforms. He maintained a blog describing his work.

Improved analysis UI for Xamarin Studio

Simon Lindgren
Mentored by Jeff Stedfast, Mike Krüger

Simon improved integration of the NRefectory source analysis engine into MonoDevelop, enabling users to scan an entire solution for issues, and apply many fixes at once. These features are already available to users as an experimental feature in Xamarin Studio.

Automated bindings using GObject introspection

Stephan Sundermann
Mentored by Andreia Gaita

Stephan improved the bindinator, used to generate automatically Mono/.NET bindings to GObject based libraries such as GTK+ and GStreamer. He documented his work on his blog.

Improve Rainy, the Tomboy sync server, and bring to a deployable state

Timo Dörr
Mentored by David Nielsen

Timo improved the Rainy sync server for the popular Tomboy note-taking app. He maintained a blog describing his work, and wrote a detailed wrap-up post.

Adding positional tags and face detection to F-Spot

Valentín Barros Puertas
Mentored by Stephen Shaw

Valentín added face-detection support to the F-Spot photo management application. He wrote a blog post describing his work.


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