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Summer of Code 2013 Projects Announced

Congratulations to the students accepted to Summer of Code 2013! We have 17 projects this year, and we're grateful to Google for sponsoring these students, and really excited to be working with them to make some fantastic improvements to the Mono runtime, developer tools, and ecosystem.

Here are the accepted projects:
Adding features to Pinta
Andrew DavisC++/CLI for POSIX
Andrius BentkusImplement a replacing write barrier for sgen
Brz_VladImplement "stack optimizations" in the LLVM CIL backend
Daniel OliveiraMonoDevelop / Xamarin Studio - CSS Support
Diyoda SajjanaA Workflow Foundation 4 Implementation
Gary BarnettInspect MonoDevelop - More C# Code Actions and Code Issue Inspections
Ji KunThree.js port to C#
Lasitha WattaladeniyaImprove mono-fastcgi, allowing use in massive shared hosting
Leonardo TaglialegneFSharp Refactor
Lewis BrownSource Analysis Improvements in MonoDevelop
Luís ReisOn the Fly Formatting and Indentation Engine
Matej Miklečićcocos3d for XNA
Rami TabbaraImproved ana…