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Summer of Code 2011 - Projects Announced!

The selection results are out, and this year we will have 13 projects on the Summer for Code 2011! Congratulations to the all students that were accepted to work with the Mono Project.

We'd like to thank all the students who've applied. We received a lot of good applications and, as always, slots and mentors are limited, so we had to make some tough decisions. We're always happy to provide guidance and support to anyone who'd like to contribute, so even if you weren't accepted, we'd still like to have you in our community!

This year, we have the following projects:

ILASM Cecil Backend / Managed ILDASM
Student: Alex Rønne Petersen
This project seeks to rewrite the ILASM backend to use the Mono.Cecil library, as well as provide a managed version of ILDASM.

Improve XBuild C++ support and MonoDevelop build integration
Student: João Matos
Improving C/C++ support in MonoDevelop IDE with XBuild C++ tasks, C/C++ project support and more.

Mono C++ Interop
Student: Alex Corrado
This project will carry on the work of the previous GSoC, looking to finish support for C++ interop

Implement SPDY Support for Manos
Student: Kerry Snyder
This project will add support for Google's SPDY protocol specification to the Manos server.

Task parallel library Dataflow extension implementation
Student: Jérémie Laval
This project will add the TPL Dataflow extension feature, part of the new async facility introduced with .NET 5 CTP.

Class designer add-in for Monodevelop
Student: Graham Lyon
Implement a class designer for MD, continuing the work of previous SoC projects.

SlimThreading on Mono
Student: Duarte Nunes
This project aims at integrating the SlimThreading library into the Mono framework to optimize and facilitate its threading infrastructure, both at the VM layer and the managed layer.

Adding support for x86 SSE instructions for FP math
Student: Mike Popoloski
This project will allow floating point math operations to use SSE instructions, improving performance on x86.

GTK# Designer and Database Integration
Student: Krzysztof Marecki
This project will focus on improving the MonoDevelop GTK# designer, extending the database addin and adding databinded widgets.

Code Contracts Verifier (static analysis)
Student: Alexander Chebaturkin
This project will implement the static analysis verifier for .NET 4 Code Contracts, including numerical obligations analysis.

Mono Debugger Visualizer
Student: Abdul Rauf
This project will add a debugger visualizer to MonoDevelop

uPnP client / server for Banshee
Student: Tobias Arrskog
This project will integrate a uPnP server and client into Banshee.

Axiom - SL#
Student: Wolfgang Steffens
This project will modify SL# and embed it in Axiom so it can be used to do shader programming inside the engine.

We look forward to working with these students this summer, and hope for a very successful Summer of Code!


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