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Summer of Code Projects Announced!

Google has announced the projects accepted for Summer for Code 2010! Congratulations to the students who were accepted to work with the Mono Project.

If you weren't accepted, we still would like you to join our community. We had many good applications and a limited number of slots, and unfortunately had to make some hard decisions. However, we're always happy to provide guidance and support to anyone who'd like to contribute, not just GSoC students.

This year, we have the following projects, students and mentors:

Background Code Analysis in MonoDevelop
Student: Nikhil Sarda
Mentor: Jeremie Laval
This project will bring background C# code analysis to MonoDevelop, to highlight problems on the fly, and offer fixes using MonoDevelop's refactoring operations.

Code Contracts Verifier
Student: Chris Bacon
Mentor: Marek Safar
This project will implement the verifier for .NET 4 Code Contracts, and complete Mono's implementation of the Code Contracts API.

Additional C# Refactoring …

GSoC Deadline Approaching

The deadline for applications for the Google Summer of Code is almost here - April 9th 19:00 UTC. Make sure you get your applications in on time!Even after the deadline, you can clarify things in comments in response to questions from mentors. And of course, you can still discuss the project with us on IRC and the mailing lists, and participate in the Mono community. So it's best to make sure you get the application in, and don't leave it till the very last second.If you're a student still looking for ideas, take a look at the Project Ideas list (though you're welcome to come up with ideas of your own). Please also read the application template before applying. It's a good idea to discuss the project with us on IRC or mailing lists first, though now it's so close to the deadline, you should err on the side of submitting early and discussing afterwards.Mentors, please make sure you're signed up so you can start reviewing applications.Everyone who's inter…

Apply now for Summer of Code!

Google is now accepting Summer of Code proposals, through April 9, 2010 at 19:00 UTC.We're very excited about having students working with Mono again this year!

If you're a student looking for ideas, take a look at the Project Ideas list (though you're welcome to come up with ideas of your own). It's a good idea to discuss your ideas with us on the mailing lists or IRC before making your proposal, so that we can get to know you and help you flesh out the proposal. Making some initial patches or other contributions to the areas of Mono that you're interested in helps us to gauge your skill and interest, though it's not required. Please also read the application template before applying.

If you're a mentor, please apply on the GSoC site ASAP so that you can start to comment on students' proposals as they come in, to help the students refine their proposals.

Everyone who's interested in Summer of Code, please join the community on Mono IRC, including …

Summer of Code 2010

The Mono Project has again been accepted as a mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code!

Google won't be taking student applications until March 29th, but if you're a student, now is the time to join our wonderful community and start discussing your ideas with us as soon as possible, so we can help you get them refined into a great proposal.
Join in on Mono IRC, including the Mono SoC channel, #monosocAsk and answer questions on the Mono mailing listsBrowse the Project Ideas list or come up with ideas of your own and discuss them with usFix some bugs and file some patches to demonstrate your skills! If you'd like to be a mentor or assist in mentoring, please help guiding students on IRC and the mailing lists. If you have ideas for the ideas page, or any other comments, please email Michael Hutchinson.
In the next few weeks we'll be announcing GSoC-related news and important dates via this blog and Twitter.